How to improve the CRO of your WooCommerce website

Do you own a WooCommerce website?

It’s difficult to get traffic to a newly built e-commerce website. What’s even more difficult is to convert the visitors into buyers.

It takes the right analysis and steps to convert a visitor into a buyer.

In this article, you’ll be learning how to increase the conversion rate of your WooCommerce website and also about a CRO tool called HumCommerce.

What’s CRO?

Conversion rate optimization is optimizing your product (website in your case) such that more people buy stuff rather than just bouncing off.

For example, suppose you have a website that sells sneakers. Your aim is to sell as many sneakers as you can. Now, in order to improve the CRO of your sneakers store, you’ve got to:

  • Analyze the visitor behavior on your website. See what the user is liking and what they aren’t.
  • Make sure that the UI and UX of your website are to the point. There should be no roadblocks in the flow of your website.

How do you know that you’re doing things properly? This is where a CRO tool comes into play. This tool will help you in doing the above-mentioned things.

Let’s talk about the CRO tool we mentioned before.

What’s so special about HumCommerce?

Well, it provides behavioral analytics in addition to traditional analytics (Traffic data, traffic source, etc.) and integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce website.

Let’s look at some of the features of this tool and see how it can help you in improving CRO. After that, you’ll about different ways to improve the CRO of your WooCommerce website.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could see where and how many people click on different elements of your website? Or, till where are people scrolling on your website?

HumCommerce generates 3 types of heatmaps – click, move, and scroll.

Click heatmap shows the number of people clicking on the different parts of your website.

(click  heatmap)

Move heatmap gives you the movement pattern of the visitor’s on your web pages.

HumCommerce move heatmap

(Move heatmap)

Scroll heatmap shows how much do the visitors scroll on your website.

HumCommerce scroll heatmap

(scroll heatmap)

Visitor session recordings

It is vital to know what your visitors are liking and what they aren’t on your website.

How can you know so?

This is where visitor session recording comes into play. You can use HumCommere to record visitor sessions, which you can later play and analyze the behavior of visitors on your website.

HumCommerce scroll heatmap

You can record sessions across all the pages or just specific ones. Setting up visitor session recordings doesn’t take more than 2 minutes but adds a lot of value in analyzing and improving CRO.

E-commerce sales funnels

E-commerce sales funnels show you at which step of the buyer’s journey does the drop-off happens.

HumCommerce e-commerce sales funnel

Sales funnel helps you find bottlenecks in the various stages of the funnel. Once you find the bottlenecks, you can optimize for better conversions.

Use this feature of HumCommerce to improve your funnel conversion rate to maximize profit.

A/B testing

AB testing

A/B testing is basically where you set up experiments to compare two versions of web pages. Compare landing pages to find which color schemes, website copy, buttons work best to increase conversion rate.

As a WooCommerce website owner, you can A/B test two different versions of product pages. Find out which version fetches you a higher conversion rate.

How to improve the CRO of your WooCommerce website?

Let’s see how you can improve the CRO of your WooCommerce website.


Once you start pouring visitors into your sales funnel, your next aim is to move them farther down the funnel.

AB testing

For doing so, it is vital to track the behavior of your potential customers when they land on your website.

Use HumCommerce to record visitor sessions and generate heatmaps to locate the area of interest of the visitors.

Viewing the visitor session recordings will show you bottlenecks in your store. Such as, if multiple visitors are not moving ahead on the product page, then you know that something’s not right.

You’ve got to analyze and find out what’s blocking the user flow, it might be the images of products, or the product description, the price, etc.


Getting traffic to your WooCommmerce store using SEO is important. But going one step further, you should also make your website easily accessible.

Your potential customers should be able to find the products of their choice, easily. You can do so by adding an internal search bar on your website as 30% of site visitors use an internal search bar.

The search bar:

  • Should make search available within all the product pages
  • Must have autocorrect and autocomplete enabled
  • Should support multilingual searches
  • Has to have saved searches enabled

You can see the exact terms the site visitors are entering into your store’s search bar from your ‘site search keywords’ section of your HumCommerce dashboard.

HumCommerce search keywords

This will give you amazing insight into whether your sneaker store has what people are looking for.


Sometimes, you might have to redesign your entire WooCommerce store’s homepage and landing pages if you want more conversions.

You’ll have to A/B test different versions. Here are some helpful design tips that you can use for creating a good landing page:

Use large and bolder images that showcase your product the way it is to be. Images attract attention.
Add social proof which will, in turn, add credibility to your brand.
Contrasting colours for your call-to-action buttons. This ensures that your CTA buttons stand out so that visitors can easily find them.
Brand all your pages with your brand logo; it builds trust.
Finally, always A/B test the design changes you make to your WooCommerce website. This will tell you what design changes are fetching you higher conversions rates.

HumCommerce A/B testing feature,

HumCommerce search keywords

There you go, three proven ways to increase the CRO of your WooCommerce website.

You should definitely try these tips, they’ll surely help you improve the CRO of your WooCommerce store. If you have some more tips that can be useful, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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