Top 8 Useful WordPress Plugins You Need

One of the reasons WordPress Plugins are so unbelievably awesome is because they are so easy to use and install. For those who are constantly searching for ways to innovate your website and make it more user-friendly for you and your visitors, here are 8 awesome popular plugins that will help you do more for your website.

#1 WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast
People used to think that SEO is something complicated and difficult. However, with the help of this plugin, you can simply optimize the keywords phrases, SEO titles and meta descriptions for your pages or blog posts! But of course, this action will not guarantee immediate improvements in your Google Search Result; it takes time for Google to crawl your data and update your SEO ranking.

#2 WP Google Drive

Google Drive For WordPress
Needless to say, it is important to back up your WordPress files. With WP Google Drive, backing up files is made convenient – all because this plugin is so easy and convenient to use!

#3 Google Analytic Dashboard

As much as it is important for you to track your site traffic, it is both troublesome and tedious to navigate yourself away from your WordPress dashboard every time you need to look at those numbers. This plugin will allow you to have a look on the real-time traffic figures directly from WordPress itself, saving you the hassle and the trouble!

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#4 Shareaholic

Shareaholic | Share buttons & related posts

Want to get your blog posts to get noticed? Download Shareholic! It works with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Google+! In addition, its sleek design cuts down on the clutter, helping your blog get noticed and stand out!

#5 Thank Me Later

Thank me later wordpress plugin
I bet you have come across situations when you receive an email mere seconds after posting a comment or providing your email to a site, which everyone could tell that it is obviously an auto-generated email. With Thank Me Later, your “thank you” and follow up emails can be more personalized through the ability to customize certain fields. The best part is, you can even set it to send the mail hours after the signup or comment posting. This will provide a more personal touch to the emails that are programmed to be sent to new commenters and visitors!

#6 Aksimet

Akismet WordPress plugin
Are you annoyed with spam or ad comments? Then, you should download Askimet, which is a WordPress plugin that filters junk comments and sifts through the real ones for the spam! This does away the time and trouble of having to moderate all the comments by yourself – and it provides better filtering as well!

#7 Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin
It’s the simplest, most functional and easiest contact forms for WordPress. This plugin is simply awesome – you can be rest assured that those spammers are not going to abuse your contact form, since it works well with Askimet (Point #6) to flush them out! Isn’t that awesome?

#8 JM Twitter Cards

JM Twitter card - WordPress plugin
In case you don’t know what Twitter Cards are, it enables you to include media into your Tweets. They allow you to insert images and video in your Tweets and linking it back to the original content in your blog posts. When you click on a Tweet, it’ll show more information about the Tweet such as title, short summary, image, as well as the Twitter account and source link.

This can turn your Twitter stream into something more like Facebook or Google+!

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Hope you find this useful! See you in next post!

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