6 Ways Video Content Can Improve Your WordPress Website

6 Ways Video Content Can Improve Your WordPress Website

According to one recent study, there are about 500 sites being created on WordPress every single day. Not only is it the most popular content management system with a 59.4% market share, but it actually powers about 26.4% of the Internet as we know it. You likely use it because it’s as efficient as it is sophisticated, offering you an easy-yet-powerful way to get your message out to the people. At the same time, it’s also important for you to know that there is a way to extend these efforts even further:

By using video.

That’s right – whether you just want to add videos to your blog posts or you’ve got your site set on larger video monetization efforts, or you’re just thinking about promoting your products and services, there isn’t just one way that video content can improve your WordPress website.

There are six!

1. Your Ticket to Increased Time on Page

Whether you’re running an e-commerce website or an OTT service, every second that someone spends on your page is another second you have to provide them with value, make a connection or sell them something. Therefore, one of the biggest reasons why video is such an important thing to add to your WordPress site has to do with the increased time on page, it brings with it, which can benefit both your website’s SEO and your conversion rates!

If 100 people start watching your video, you’ll have an average of 46 of them left by the time that content concludes. When you consider that about six out of every ten people will read the headline of a news article or blog post and not go any further, it’s easy to see why this should become such an important part of your online presence.

2. More Engagement Than You Know What to Do With

This segues into the next biggest benefit that only video content can bring to your WordPress site: engagement, and plenty of it.

Consider the fact that according to another study, blog posts that incorporate video tend to attract about three times as many inbound links as those without. Likewise, video tends to attract between two and three times the number of monthly visitors to a blog as something that is more rigidly “text-based.” Not only do users actively want more video content from you, but they also spend more time interacting with that content, too.

Once you also learn that having video content on your page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page one of the Google search results, you begin to get an idea of how this is a decision that sort of creates and builds upon its own momentum. Video is your key to getting higher levels of engagement on your WordPress site immediately, and that in turn creates more organic engagement over the long-term as well.

3. The Gateway to Social Media Success

Visual content has always been an important part of the DNA of social media, but pairing up video with your WordPress content can help take those benefits even further. Social video, for example, tends to generate about 1200% (!) higher social shares than text and images combined. Likewise, video posts on Facebook have an organic reach that is 135% greater than just photo posts. You can then use that social buzz to drive even more people back to your WordPress site than ever.

4. An Unbeatable Marketing Opportunity

With new SVoD, TVoD, and AVoD platforms being launched every day, digital marketing is changing rapidly, and more and more marketers are turning to video content to increase their brand awareness and visibility. That’s partially because, video is such a compelling tool for communication, using more of it on your WordPress site represents an incredible marketing opportunity that you cannot afford to ignore, One study revealed that after watching a video, 64% of people say that they’re actually more likely to buy a product on the Internet. Not only is it a helpful tool from an informational perspective, but it’s also highly persuasive as well.

5. Send Your Conversion Rates Sky High

But getting your message out to the people is one thing. Getting them to act on that message is another matter entirely. This is why it’s important to know that even the simple act of adding a video to one of your landing pages on WordPress has the potential to increase your conversion rates by as much as 80%. People will spend more time on your page and they’ll be more engaged with your message, thus making them more likely to come down off the fence and make a purchase.

6. The Shape of Things to Come

Finally, the most important thing for you to understand is that video is the direction we’re headed in. By as soon as the end of the year, 80% of all global web traffic will be video based. Thankfully, the WordPress platform makes it easy to take advantage of this technical revolution, integrating video onto your website and empowering your business by way of video on demand revenue streams and more.

Video isn’t just the future at this point. It’s also the present. It’s up for you to keep up or get left behind, which is why video content can help take your WordPress website to the next level. Based on that, it’s easy to see why this is an initiative you should definitely begin as soon as possible.

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