Boost Your Google Ranks With More Links To Your Responsive Site

Every marketer knows that it is all about web traffic that affects the ranks in the Google results page. To have more traffic to your site you will need to reach out to more people and to reach more people you will need to consider those people who use mobile phones to surf different sites.

The use of mobile and its concept has changed dramatically over the years and it is no longer just a tool to communicate with different people. It is a useful platform for different purposes such as:

  • You can use it for playing different games
  • Book tickets and even tables in your favorite restaurants
  • Make payments online and most importantly
  • Surf the internet to find more information.

A lot of people use their mobile phones to stay connected with their social media group and if you can make an impression to them you will be able to get more traffic to your site. They will share your ideas, message and most importantly the links to see what your business has on offer and who you are and the specialties in your product that they should buy it.

More traffic will boost your Google ranks and to have more traffic you will need to make a responsive website. A responsive website is defined as that which can be viewed on a mobile phone that has a much smaller screen size as compared to a desktop. There are lots of different sites on the internet that will tell you a lot more about the responsive website and how to design it.

However, this article is not about website design but SEO and search engine rankings and therefore you should know now how actually the inbound links rank signal boost to the Google Analytics. This is the most significant aspect that an SEO company in York will focus on, provided you hire their service.

About the analysis

Your search engine ranking is based entirely on the analysis of data and the primary objective of this analysis is to try and establish a cause-effect relationship between two elements. These elements are:

  • The referral traffic and
  • The SEO rankings.

The analysis has different objectives and purposes to fulfill such as:

  • To make sure that your site meets the basic conditions that may be the one happened before
  • To make sure that there was a co-variation with that in correspondence to a similar co-variation in the other and
  • To make sure that the two are intertwined and relevant to each other.

However, casual relationship is however ignored as it is believed that there are no alternative causes that may result in a similar effect.

Analyzing the links

It is also believed by the experts that the brand awareness that is generated via the inbound links may also have a dramatic influence in increasing SEO rankings. It is seen that the instant any organic ranking improvement happens it usually correlates directly to its time of posting.

However, there is one notable fact in this scenario which is all those links posted that possibly influenced the SEO ranking of a website were ‘follow’ links. It is noted that after a specific time this inbound link usually merged with a broken link as it went further down the search engine category. It is this time that sites are updated and new posts are added.

Once again, considering the data analysis, you will be able to see the relation and degree of influence of both the high link authority as well as the high domain authority. Considering the actual measurable value and the impact of the referral link it is certainly a useful factor that must be taken into account and it more useful than the number that shows the simple increase in the visitors.

Need for a mobile-friendly site

At this juncture, you may think how a mobile-friendly site will affect the referring domain that may result in such an increase in SEO rankings and that too in a very short time. This is because the links of the domain referred had a good domain authority.

Typically, a significant aspect of driving more SEO traffic to your website is to understand the behavior of the users. This will enable you to give them what they want and the best user experience. This you can do by designing a mobile-friendly website.

If you have a mobile-friendly website it will help in more than one ways such as:

  • It will make your users feel welcome when they visit your site
  • It will also encourage them to spend more time on your site
  • It will help you to meet with the requirement of Google to gain high ranks and
  • It will also have a positive effect on your SEO organic traffic as well.

No wonder you will find almost every modern business take on mobile-friendliness of their website so seriously. According to studies, almost 60% of the people access the web through their mobile devices. Therefore, if you are not optimizing your website for mobile use, you are surely putting your business in danger and will certainly lose a chunk of your prospective visitors and thereby possibilities of more inbound links.

Meeting Google requirement

To ensure that you gain better SEO rankings you will need to make sure that you meet with the requirements of Google. These requirements keep on changing with intent to provide the users with a better experience and therefore you must know the Google requirements for mobile-friendly sites.

When you furnish all that Google wants you will be able to reduce the bounce rate which is really the most significant ranking factor. However, there are many different reasons to have low SEO traffic to a website but this is surely one significant factor that might be pulling your site down in the search engine result pages.

Therefore, it is high time that you optimize your site for mobile but make sure that the content in both the mobile as well as the desktop version is the same. Check the mobile-friendly status using Google Webmaster Tools from time to time as well.

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