Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate (LFCA)

The Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate (LFCA) is an entry-level certification offered by the Linux Foundation. It targets beginners or professionals in the IT field seeking to upskill and get a better understanding of various open-source concepts.

Given the increased demand for Linux skills over the past few years, an LFCA certification gives you a competitive edge over the rest of the professionals in the market. The LFCA certification is particularly ideal for users trying to advance to a professional level and acquire skills in lucrative areas such as DevOps and Cloud computing. It gives you a solid grounding as you embark on your journey to becoming a competent Linux system administrator or engineer.

LFCA tests the candidates’ proficiency in fundamental Linux administration skills such as running basic commands on the terminal, package management, basic networking skills, best security practices, basic programming skills, and DevOps skills to ensure their preparedness for an entry-level position in a highly competitive job market.

LFCA Domains and Competencies

Key domains and competencies that are evaluated include:

  • Linux Fundamentals – 20%
  • System Administration Fundamentals – 20%
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals – 20%
  • Security Fundamentals – 16%
  • DevOps Fundamentals – 16%
  • Supporting Applications and Developers – 8%

The LFCA certification is intended to integrate with other IT certifications and provide a ladder to other advanced IT fields that require a solid understanding of Linux systems administration skills.

The exam is purely online and goes for $200. Questions are administered in a multiple-choice format and unlike other certifications, you get a free retake if things don’t go well as planned. The certification is valid for a period of 3 years.

If you are seeking to upskill and advance your career in IT, more importantly as a systems administrator, LFCA will impart the necessary skills required to make you realize that dream.

Enroll now and get LFCA certified!

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