FluBot malware spreads to Australia

The FluBot strain of Android banking malware, which was initially observed in
Spain in late 2020 before spreading more widely across Europe over the
following months, is now targeting Australian banks.

Once installed, FluBot periodically sends a list of apps installed on the device
to one of its command-and-control servers. The server responds with a list of
apps the malware should overlay. Upon one of these apps being launched, FluBot
immediately displays an overlay on top of the legitimate app. The overlays
impersonate the legitimate apps and are designed to collect the victim’s online
banking credentials, which are sent to the criminals operating FluBot via the
command-and-control server.

Netcraft monitors the list of apps targeted by FluBot, and today discovered that
FluBot for the first time is serving overlays for Australian banking apps,
Bank Australia,
Bank of Melbourne,
Great Southern Bank Australia,
HSBC Australia,
National Australia Bank,
St.George Bank,
Suncorp, and

Screenshots of a selection of FluBot overlays targeting Australian banks.

FluBot is spread through text messages, which usually purport to be from a
delivery company providing a tracking update and contain a link to a lure page.
The lure page attempts to trick potential victims into downloading and
installing the malware, which is disguised as a parcel tracking app.

Android users can protect themselves with Netcraft’s Android app, which
blocks FluBot lure pages and other malicious sites – preventing users from
being tricked into downloading and installing FluBot in the first place. Banks
can protect their customers through a range of countermeasures Netcraft

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