Linux Foundation Announces NextArch Foundation to Build Next-Generation Architecture that Supports Diverse Computing Environments

More than 40 companies commit to build open source ecosystem to enable next-generation architectures for microservices use cases

Napa Valley, Calif., Linux Foundation Membership Summit, November 2, 2021 — The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the NextArch Foundation. The new Foundation is a neutral home for open source developers and contributors to build next-generation architecture that can support compatibility between an increasing array of microservices.

Cloud-native computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge computing and much more have led businesses down a path of massive opportunity and transformation. According to market research, the global digital transformation market size was valued at USD 336.14 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.6 percent from 2021 to 2028. But a lack of intelligent, centralized architecture is preventing enterprises and the developers who are creating innovation based on these technologies to fully realize their potential.

“Developers today have to make what feel like impossible decisions among different technical infrastructures and the proper tool for a variety of problems,” said Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation. “Every tool brings learning costs and complexities that developers don’t have the time to navigate yet there’s the expectation that they keep up with accelerated development and innovation. NextArch Foundation will improve ease of use and reduce the cost for developers to drive the evolution of next-generation technology architectures.”

Next-generation architecture describes a variety of innovations in architecture, from data storage and heterogeneous hardware to engineering productivity, telecommunications and much more. Until now, there has been no ecosystem to address this massive challenge. NextArch will leverage infrastructure abstraction solutions through architecture and design and automate development, operations and project processes to increase the autonomy of development teams. Enterprises will gain easy to use and cost-effective tools to solve the problems of productization and commercialization in their digital transformation journey.

“NextArch Foundation understands that solving the biggest technology challenges of our time requires building an open source ecosystem and fostering collaboration,” said Mike Dolan, senior vice president and general manager of projects at Linux Foundation. “This is an important effort with a big mission and it can only be done in the open source community. We are happy to support this community and help build open governance practices that benefit developers throughout its ecosystem.”

“I am really excited to be involved with the NextArch Foundation in an advisory role. In the past five years, we’ve witnessed major advances in various technology domains such as cloud, artificial intelligence, IoT, AR/VR, quantum computing, serverless computing, and many more. These advances have produced enormous amounts of open source software assets. A core challenge is bridging all these technologies and software assets under a single next generation architecture that supports diverse computing environments and enables enterprise digital transformation. NextArch Foundation will be at the heart of this effort, building a community and enabling an ecosystem that brings together organizations and communities to address this challenge in an open environment,” said Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of LF AI & Data.

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Supporting Comments


“Congratulations on launching the NextArch Foundation! By being part of the NextArch Foundation, AfterShip hopes to build a next-generation technical architecture to better serve customers around the world,” said Xiaojun Hong, CTO of AfterShip.


“It is a great honor to be part of the NextArch Foundation and celebrate its launch! In recent years, we have continuously explored and practiced next-generation architecture technologies in the audio and video field, and have paid more attention to open source contributions. I am very pleased to see that NextArch Foundation has allowed open source architecture projects to have a platform for comprehensive development. I hope more developers can participate and jointly build a better and more open next-generation architecture open source ecosystem,” said Yue Feng, Co-founder & Technical VP of Agora.


“The rise of cloud native technologies is shaping the future of enterprise IT. The plethora of technological innovations and architectural advancements are forming the basis of digitization strategies for modern organizations. We are delighted to see the formation of the NextArch Foundation. We believe it will foster a vibrant ecosystem of technologies, systems and processes that will help define the next generation of enterprise architecture. We look forward to contributing to this mission,” said Kai Chen, Co-founder & CTO of Alauda.


 “Ampere is excited to participate in the launch of the NextArch Foundation, building upon the momentum started by the TARS Foundation, by collaborating and developing both technology and standards for the next generation of microservices,” said Mauri Whalen, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Ampere.


“Congratulations on the launch of NextArch Foundation! I hope that with the support of the NextArch Foundation, more open source projects will continue to develop, build an active open source community, and create a prosperous open source ecosystem. At the same time, NextArch Foundation will help enterprises find architectural solutions faster, which will make great progress to the underlying infrastructure,” said Ming Wen, CEO of API7.


“As member of the Linux Foundation and the TARS Foundation, Arm is pleased to see the establishment of a neutral and non-profit NextArch Foundation that will help integrate upstream and downstream open-source technology resources, supporting the growth of heterogeneous SoCs for computing infrastructure,” said Frank Zou, VP of China GTM, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm.


“Congratulations on the launch of NextArch Foundation! Together with the NextArch Foundation, we hope to realize the technological revolution of the future-oriented next-generation microservices architecture and accelerate the cloud-native transformation of enterprise architecture,” said Ran Zheng, Outstanding R&D Architect of Baidu.


“Congratulations to the establishment of NextArch Foundation! As an inevitable trend of enterprise, digital transformation has spawned numerous tools and tech, which impose challenges on developers when they need to utilize new tech. Under the current environment, we are glad to see NextArch Foundation working on the evolution of next-generation architect or to mitigate pressure on developers,” said Yili Chen, director of cloud computing research dept. CAICT.


“The next-generation architecture is the future development trend. The China Electronics Engineering Design Institute has always actively participated in and promoted the exploration of cutting-edge technologies. As early as 2019, it led the writing of the “Next Generation Cloud Computing White Paper” in conjunction with China’s leading cloud computing companies. Personally, I am glad to be able to launch the NextArch Foundation together with the Linux Foundation this time. In the future, we will jointly explore technology research, standards, evaluation, and industrialization services,” said Liyun Yang, Director of the Cloud Computing Research Office.

“We are extremely delighted to be part of the NextArch Foundation initiative. This is a great initiative to take the software services delivery to next level and we assure our active contribution to growth of each and every aspect of NextArch Foundation and future innovations,” said Sagar Nangare, Director of Product Marketing and Growth.


“It’s a great pleasure to be part of the effort to launch the NextArch Foundation. With fast rising demand from data science and real-time applications, it’s a defining moment of software architectural change in the coming decade. Millions of businesses are making decisions every day to upgrade their IT architecture to handle the sheer size workload during digital transformation, it’s still an uncertain process lacking a clear paradigm and guidance. We are very happy to see NextArch can stand up and unite leading organizations to face this challenge. NextArch will surely be an innovation center to help across the world and we are looking forward to engaging as an initial member,” said Lei Fang, Board Chairman of DataCanvas.


“Congratulations on the creation of NextArch Foundation! I hope that NextArch Foundation can incubate more outstanding, open source cloud-native projects and help more companies accelerate their digital transformation,” said Hongbao Cui, CTO of DCloud.


“Congratulations on the creation of the NextArch Foundation! We hope that the NextArch Foundation can help more users find solutions to the development of architecture in the current open source software and hardware more quickly, which will contribute enormous value to the open source community,” said Yi Yang, Open Source Committee Chair of DiDi.

Digital China

“Congratulations on the launch of NextArch Foundation and look forward to the cooperation with NextArch Foundation. We believe that can provide better services and solutions for the open-source ecological construction of customer introduction, channel expansion, technology and product innovation, technology accumulation, etc., and to accelerate the realization of the value of open-source technology in the client,” said Yang Shen, Vice President & CIO of Digital China Group.


“Congratulations on the launch of NextArch Foundation! As a firm supporter of the API economy, Eolink sees the great value that API can provide for various technical architectures in the past and the foreseeable future. I hope that NextArch Foundation can help us quickly find the current best practices for open source software development. Together, we hope to help implement open source software and hardware in different fields by integrating with API economy,” said Haozhen Liu, CEO of Eolink.


“Congratulations to the NextArch Foundation! We hope to contribute to the development of the open source ecosystem and open source trends with NextArch Foundation and other partners in the future. We believe participating in NextArch will cultivate open cooperation and empower decision-making processes,” said Dingding Ye, CTO of GrowingIO.


“On behalf of HarmonyCloud, I would like to congratulate the launch of NextArch Foundation. In the future, we will jointly explore the best solution for the development of open source software and hardware architecture, and I look forward to creating more possibilities with the help of NextArch Foundation,” said Aoyu Wang, CEO of HarmonyCloud.

Huayou Tech

“In recent years, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the support from cloud native, container, DevOps, microservices and other technologies has pushed forward digital transformation. In the face of a digital age, architecture technology will inevitably be upgraded, and the next generation of architecture technology will also emerge. The establishment of NextArch Foundation is in line with the trend and will surely lead the trend. Congratulations on the launch of NextArch Foundation!” said Tianguo Xiao, Co-founder & CEO of Huayou Tech.


“We are honored to witness the birth of a legend. Congratulations on the launch of NextArch Foundation! As a company with a technological belief, we are in an unprecedented wave of technological change. We always believe that in the continuous evolution of the next-generation technology architecture, developer productivity engineering (DPE) and developer experience engineering (DXE) will become the mainstream consensus of the industry. Together with the open-source spirit, it will act as the source of power to develop future technical efficiency. I am delighted that this coincides with the vision of NextArch Foundation. We hope to work with NextArch Foundation to uphold the original intention of technology to change the world and jointly promote the implementation of enterprise digital transformation and the arrival of the data-driven intelligent era,” said Xuefeng Shi, Engineering Efficiency Expert of JD.

JiHu (GitLab)

“Congratulations on the establishment of the NextArch Foundation. JiHu (GitLab) is committed to promoting DevOps and the development of open source ecology based on the principle of core openness, which coincides with the philosophy of the NextArch Foundation. We hope that NextArch Foundation can flourish and JiHu (GitLab) will contribute its own strength,” said Sam Chen, CEO of JiHu (GitLab).


“Kong is proud to be part of this momentous launch of the NextArch Foundation. Multi-cloud is the future, and it’s exciting to see such a great set of collaborators coming together to make heterogeneous infrastructure more accessible to development teams,” said Michael Heap, Director of Developer Relations at Kong.

Mulan Community

“With the advent of the distributed cloud era, computing, storage, and data technologies must go through innovations. It is critical to have a forward-looking perspective of the next-generation technology architecture. Open source is the best way to promote technological development and the industrial ecosystem. Mulan Community is excited to work with the Linux Foundation to advance technological and industrial transformation and development,” said Hang Geng, Community Manager of Mulan Community.

Nanjing University

“Architecture determines value, and decentralization is the future. Overcoming the limitations of the next-generation software architecture and adapting to the architectural needs of the cloud era will help the development of the digital economy. As the first Chinese academic institution dedicated to comprehensive research, teaching and industrial cooperation between DevOps and cloud native, DevOps+ Research Laboratory of Nanjing University is willing to work with the Linux Foundation to explore the next generation of cloud native architecture and promote technological change,” said Zhang He, Director of DevOps+ Research Laboratory of Nanjing University.


“Congratulations on the launch of the NextArch Foundation! It is my great honor to witness the birth of such profound an effort. In the particular field of deep learning, we believe that only next generation architecture can address the unprecedented challenges of big data, and big computing. Furthermore, only through collaboration with the open source community can such next generation technology be developed. Looking forward to working together with NextArch foundation in the future,” said Jinhui Yuan, Founder of OneFlow Inc.

Ramanujan College, University of Delhi

“It is a great opportunity for Ramanujan College, University of Delhi to join as a member of the NextArch Foundation and participate in the open-source projects and the technical community. We are happy to be a part of this ecosystem,” said Vipin Rathi, Asst. Professor, Chairperson Hyperledger Telecom SIG.


“We are excited to see how many open source projects for enterprise digital transformation will develop with the help of the NextArch Foundation. SphereEx will continue to maintain a cooperative relationship with NextArch Foundation, realize the open source and open management concepts, and strive to build a new generation of technology architecture ecosystem with global collaboration,” said Liang Zhang, Co-founder and CEO of SphereEx.


“Congratulations! Tech changes the world, open source changes the tech. As one of video and live streaming open source projects, SRS makes it easy to build video platforms. There are lots of open source projects like FFmpeg, WebRTC, x264, libopus, gstreamer, SRS, etc, enabling the video developer to build large scale video products, for entertainment, online meeting, education, communication and cloud games,” said Winlin, Maintainer of SRS.

Stream Native

“Nowadays, the open source ecosystem is becoming more comprehensive, and the digital transformation of enterprises is the current trend. To meet the needs of today and the future, we should face the heterogeneous infrastructure and multi-cloud scenarios to jointly discuss the next-generation technical architecture. StreamNative is honored to participate in the NextArch Foundation and hopes that the Foundation will help more companies find solutions that meet the development of new open source software, hardware and software architectures, and help the industry’s digital transformation,” said Jia Zhai, Co-founder of StreamNative.


“Congratulations on the creation of the NextArch Foundation! We look forward to the open source software solutions provided by the NextArch Foundation to help Chinese companies build a stable and reliable software service architecture, effectively improving R&D efficiency and reducing costs for companies,” said Tianfeng Han, CEO of Swoole.


“Congratulations on the launch of the NextArch Foundation. We hope that NextArch Foundation will connect different technology companies, like TAL, to create and build open source software and hardware technology and promote open source business development. The collaboration from NextArch will encourage the development of IT technology through open source and technological innovation!” said Mi Tian, CTO of TAL.


“NextArch Foundation is a very creative foundation. Today, open source software has become the mainstream, effectively combining excellent open source software to form an organic collaboration architecture that can provide more direct technical value for the overall solution of the enterprise. As a technical product focusing on the real-time data service track (Real Time DaaS), Tapdata will also actively embrace open source and contribute to the NextArch Foundation,” said Chairman of Tapdata Founder & CEO, MongoDB Chinese Community, Tang Jianfa.


“Tencent is excited to join the NextArch Foundation, which focuses on next-generation technology architecture and future open source innovation under the Linux Foundation. It is clear that technological innovation worldwide has accelerated, thus requiring better heterogeneous and multi-cloud infrastructure. We hope to actively participate in the development of next generation architecture. Through the NextArch Foundation, we are confident to help more enterprises and industries to build the next-generation architecture optimal for business growth and a more comprehensive open source ecosystem,” said Mark Shan, Chairman of Tencent Open Source Alliance.


“Congratulations on the launch of NextArch Foundation. I am honored to be a member of NextArch Foundation. With the continuous progress of technological innovation, it is an inevitable trend to develop the next-generation architectures. I hope that, with the support of NextArch Foundation, more and more developers will participate and work together to build a better next-generation open source ecosystem,” said Xiaobo Wang, CTO of


“Congratulations on launching the NextArch Foundation! The mission and goals of NextArch Foundation are well aligned with our effort in OSS projects in areas such as cloud native for modern apps, blockchain, distributed edge/IoT, heterogeneous compute/storage/network and AI/ML accelerators. Look forward to more collaboration with the NextArch Foundation,” said Alan Ren, General Manager of VMware R&D China.

Unicom Digital Tech

“Unicom Digital Tech is fortunate to witness the establishment of NextArch Foundation, and hope that this organization can effectively promote the healthy and robust development of the national software industry, increase the company’s technical strength, and feedback the transformation of basic software and hardware and benefit everyone, said” Qiang Feng, Unicom Digital Tech.


“Congratulations on the establishment of NextArch Foundation! I hope NextArch Foundation can help us find solutions to the development of hybrid cloud architecture more quickly, and help us develop the open source ecosystem suitable for the digital transformation of Xiaomi,” said Zuoyan Qin, Chairman of Xiaomi Open Source Committee.


“Congratulations on the launch of the NextArch Foundation! We hope that NextArch Foundation can lead us to release greater computing power, establish more efficient connections, and provide more secure services. Let’s build the next-generation internet together!” said Yu Cao, co-founder of XILE.


“With the establishment of NextArch Foundation, next generation architecture is opening a new era in global development. Together with other members, XSKY will spare no effort to push forward the construction of a broader ecosystem. We aim to achieve a landing storage approach of high-availability and high-reliability for users with emerging architecture,” said Haomai Wang, CTO of XSKY.


“Congratulations on the creation of NextArch Foundation! The open source movement requires more companies and individuals to participate extensively. Yashi looks forward to working with NextArch Foundation and contributing to the open source software architecture solutions,” said Qiangning Hong, CTO of Yashi.


“Congratulations to the NextArch foundation! We hope to help YeePay build a strong digital trading service platform to serve global merchants through Inclusive and advanced technology,” said Wanlong Lu, Director of YeePay.

YunJi Tech

“The establishment of NextArch Foundation is a landmark event, which means that the industry unites and considers the future of converged infrastructure and digital transformation. Fortunately to be a TOC member, congratulations to NextArch,” said Wei Lou (Jet), Tech VP of Yunji Tech.


“Companies increasingly require services that support their heterogeneous, resource-intensive edge deployments. Zenlayer is fully aligned with the NextArch Foundation’s vision of improving heterogeneous infrastructure design. The company enables the dynamic deployment of microservices between public and edge clouds, and among edge locations. This groundbreaking approach makes it easy to access critical resources on-demand, and from any location. Zenlayer is proud to be a founding member of the NextArch Foundation, and is committed to building the next generation of edge cloud,” said Joe Zhu, Zenlayer CEO and Founder.


“It is a great honor for 360 to join the NextArch Foundation, which focuses on next-generation architecture and future open source innovation within the Linux Foundation. With the further acceleration of global technological development and transformation, enterprise level hybrid cloud and multi-cloud heterogeneity will become the trend of infrastructure technology development. We see joining the NextArch Foundation as an opportunity to actively participate in the technological transformation of the next-generation architecture, jointly promote the evolution of the next-generation architecture technology. We look forward to promoting the sustainable development of the open source ecosystem along with other members,” said Wang Feng, Head of Basic Cloud Architecture, 360.


“Congratulations! Glad to see the creation of NextArch Foundation. NextArch provides great initiative to inspire developers and contributors building outstanding architecture solutions. 4Paradigm looks forward to sharing architecture ideas based on Enterprise AI transformation experience, and contributing open source solutions to the NextArch community!”  said Zhao Zheng, VP of Engineering, 4Paradigm.

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