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How to Setup SSH Passwordless Login in Linux [3 Easy Steps]

SSH (Secure SHELL) is an open-source and most trusted network protocol that is used to log in to remote servers for the execution of commands and programs. It is also used to transfer files from

How to Use Break and Continue Statements in Shell Scripts

In this article, we will take a look at how to use a break and continue in bash scripts. In bash, we have three main loop constructs (for, while, until). Break and continue statements are

How to Use until Loop in Your Shell Scripts

In bash for, while, and until are three loop constructs. While each loop differs syntactically and functionally their purpose is to iterate over a block of code when a certain expression is evaluated. Until loop

Different Ways to Read File in Bash Script Using While Loop

This article is all about how to read files in bash scripts using a while loop. Reading a file is a common operation in programming. You should be familiar with different methods and which method

How to Use Heredoc in Shell Scripting

Here document (Heredoc) is an input or file stream literal that is treated as a special block of code. This block of code will be passed to a command for processing. Heredoc originates in UNIX

Learn Difference Between Sourcing and Forking in Bash

The main focus of this article is to clearly understand what happens when you run the script vs source the script in bash. First, we will clearly understand how the program is submitted when you

Learn Difference Between $$ and $BASHPID in Bash

Recently I was working on a shell script and I saw a significant difference in how bash special variable $ and BASHPID behaves. Every process running in Linux will be assigned with a process ID

How to Create Simple Shell Scripts in Linux

Creating shell scripts is one of the most essential skills that Linux users should have at the tip of their fingers. Shell scripts play an enormous role in automating repetitive tasks which otherwise would be