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Installation of “CentOS Stream 9″ with Screenshots

When Red Had shifted CentOS from a major release structure to a rolling release, users were angry as hell but CentOS went smooth, and recently they came up with their new release of CentOS Stream

How to Install Graylog Log Management Tool on RHEL Systems

Graylog is an industry-leading opensource log management solution for collecting, storing, indexing, and analyzing real-time data from applications and a myriad of devices in IT infrastructures such as servers, routers, and firewalls. Graylog helps you

How to Setup Samba Server in RHEL, Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux

Sharing files is an essential part of server administration. It allows sharing of resources across the network which are needed by users to carry out their tasks. One of the widely used file-sharing software is

How to Setup CentOS Stream from AWS Marketplace

In the current trend of IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing occupies a tremendous role. Most of the top companies are looking for Cloud Providers to have their Infrastructure. As per our requirement, we can provision our

How to Migrate CentOS 8 Installation to CentOS Stream

This week, Red Hat created a huge public outcry over its announcement regarding the future of CentOS. Red Hat, in a shocking move, is discontinuing CentOS Project in favor of the rolling release, CentOS Stream.