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Adminer – A Full-Featured MySQL Database Management Tool

Formerly phpMyAdmin, Adminer is a front-end database management tool written in PHP. Unlike phpMyAdmin, it only comprises a single PHP file that can be downloaded on the target server on which Adminer is to be

How to Install dbWatch to Monitor MySQL Performance in Linux

dbWatch is a powerful, multi-platform, fully-featured, and enterprise-grade SQL database monitoring and management tool that gives you full control over your database instances and system resources. It is highly scalable, secure, and designed for managing

How to Connect to Remote Database via SSH Tunnel in pgAdmin4 and DBeaver

SSH allows two computers to communicate and encrypts the shared data. It’s a commonly used method for securely accessing remote server terminals and for file transfer. SSH can also be used to create a secure

How To Install DBeaver Universal Database Tool in Linux

DBeaver is an open-source, fully-featured, and cross-platform universal database management tool and SQL client that runs on Linux operating systems, Windows, and macOS. It supports more than 80 database management systems including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle,