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27 Best IDEs for C/C++ Programming or Source Code Editors on Linux

C++, an extension of well known C language, is an excellent, powerful and general-purpose programming language that offers modern and generic programming features for developing large-scale applications ranging from video games, search engines, other computer

How to Work With GitHub Flavored Markdown in Linux

Markdown is a formatting language that is created for the web. The purpose of markdown is to make life easy when we are writing on the internet. Over time there are many flavors of markdown

Setup Remote Development in VSCode via Remote-SSH Plugin

In this article, we will see how to set up remote development in visual studio code via the remote-ssh plugin. For developers, it is indeed an important task to choose proper IDE/IDLE editors with batteries

How to Setup PyDev for Eclipse IDE on Linux

Eclipse is not a new term that programmers will hear. It is very popular in the developer community and has been in the market for a very long time. This article is all about showing

How to Split Vim Screen Horizontally and Vertically in Linux

Vim text editor, short for Vi IMproved, is one of the most powerful and popular Linux text editors that enjoys immense patronage from the open-source community. It is an improvement of the vi editor and

How to Install Latest Vim Editor in Linux Systems

Vi has been around for a long, developed around 1976, it offered users traditional yet powerful features such as an effective editing interface, terminal control, and many more. However, it lacked certain captivating features for

How to Boost the Productivity with Sublime Text Snippets

Long story short, Recently I was assigned to a project in my work where I have to create a lot of bash scripts. I am from a python background and using Jupyter Notebook for all

How to Setup Sublime Text sFTP for Remote Development

How to Setup Sublime Text sFTP for Remote Development

This article is the second in a series about sublime text and how to set it up for remote development using the SFTP package. I suggest you refer to our previous article about the installation