LFCA: Learn Software Deployment Environments – Part 23

Implementing DevOps is a key element for any team that is working and maintaining a large project(s). As discussed in previous subtopics, DevOps provides teams with tools and processes required to streamline workflows and provide

LFCA: Learn the Basic Concepts of Using Containers – Part 22

Over time, as demand for rapid testing and deployment of applications grew coupled with faster business cycles, organizations were compelled to innovate in order to keep up with the fast-paced business environment. The quest to

LFCA: Learn the Basic Concepts of DevOps – Part 21

DevOps has been a trending topic for quite a while now and has managed to draw the attention of technology professionals and enterprises alike. As a beginner, it can be challenging wrapping your head around

LFCA: How to Improve Linux System Security – Part 20

As we all know, the root user is king and wields unlimited privileges over the Linux system. However non-root users are limited to basic tasks. In addition, sudo users are only granted a certain degree

LFCA: How to Improve Linux Network Security – Part 19

In an ever-connected world, network security is increasingly becoming one of the areas where organizations invest a great deal of time and resources. This is because a company’s network is the backbone of any IT

LFCA – Useful Tips for Securing Data and Linux – Part 18

Since its release in the early nineties, Linux has won the admiration of the technology community thanks to its stability, versatility, customizability, and a large community of open-source developers who work round-the-clock to provide bug

LFCA: Basic Security Tips to Protect Linux System – Part 17

Now more than ever, we are living in a world where organizations are constantly bombarded by security breaches motivated by the acquisition of highly sensitive and confidential data which is highly valuable and makes for

LFCA: Learn Cloud Costs and Budgeting – Part 16

Over the years, there has been an exponential adoption of Cloud services as organizations seek to tap into the numerous benefits offered by the Cloud to streamline their businesses. Most businesses have either integrated their

LFCA: Learn Serverless Computing, Benefits and Pitfalls – Part 15

Serverless technology has generated a lot of hype in the tech community evoking a lot of curiosity and receiving some backlash to a little extent. It’s a technology that began with the launch of AWS

LFCA: Learn Fundamentals of Cloud Computing – Part 13

Cloud computing is a popular buzzword that refers to an on-demand technology that has taken over the technology world by storm and simplifies the way we provision IT resources and access data. To better understand