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How to Monitor Website and Application with Uptime Kuma

How to Monitor Website and Application with Uptime Kuma

Uptime Kuma is a fancy self-hosted monitoring tool that you can use to monitor websites and applications in real time. Uptime Kuma Features Monitors uptime for HTTP(s) websites, TCP Ports, and Docker containers and retrieves

Monit – A Open Source Tool for Managing and Monitoring Linux System

Monit is a free open source and very useful tool that automatically monitors and manages processes, files, directories, checksums, permissions, filesystems, and services like Apache, Nginx, MySQL, FTP, SSH, SMTP, and so on in a

IPTraf-ng – A Console-Based Network Monitoring Tool

IPTraf-ng is a console-based Linux network statistics monitoring program that shows information about IP traffic, which includes information such as: Current TCP connections UDP, ICMP, OSPF, and other types of IP packets Packet and byte

Monitorix – A Linux System and Network Monitoring Tool

Monitorix is an open-source, free, and most powerful lightweight tool designed to monitor system and network resources in Linux. It regularly collects system and network data and displays the information in graphs using its own

Install Nagios Core on openSUSE 15.3 Linux

Nagios is an open-source, industry-leading, and enterprise-grade monitoring tool that you can use to keep an eye on most if not all aspects of your IT infrastructure including networks, hosts (and their resources), services, as

How to Install Icinga2 Monitoring Tool on OpenSUSE

Icinga is an open-source network monitoring tool that was initially created as a fork of the Nagios monitoring tool back in 2009. Icinga checks the availability of servers and network devices such as switches and

How to Install Icinga2 Monitoring Tool on Debian

Originally created as a fork of the Nagios monitoring tool, Icinga is a free and open-source infrastructure monitoring and alerting solution that monitors your entire infrastructure and provides feedback about the availability and performance of

How to Install Icinga2 on RHEL, Rocky and AlmaLinux

Icinga2 is a feature-rich open-source network monitoring and alerting application that is a fork of the Nagios monitoring tool. It was built to address the shortcomings of Nagios and introduce new features such as an

How to Install dbWatch to Monitor MySQL Performance in Linux

dbWatch is a powerful, multi-platform, fully-featured, and enterprise-grade SQL database monitoring and management tool that gives you full control over your database instances and system resources. It is highly scalable, secure, and designed for managing

How to Install LibreNMS Monitoring Tool on Debian 11/10

LibreNMS is an open-source and fully-featured networking monitoring tool that provides a wide range of monitoring features and capabilities for your network devices. Key features include: Automatic discovery of your entire network using ARP, SNMP,