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How to Install NodeJS 14 / 16 & NPM on Rocky Linux 8

Built on Chrome’s V8 engine, Node.JS is open-source, and event-driven Javascript runtime that is designed to build scalable applications and backend APIs. NodeJS is lightweight and efficient, thanks to its non-blocking I/O model and event-driven

How to Enable PM2 to Auto Start Node.js App at System Boot

PM2 is a powerful, widely-used, and feature-rich, production-ready process manager for Node.js. Restarting PM2 with the processes it manages every time your server boots/reboots is critical. One of PM2’s key features is support for a

How to Monitor Node.js Applications Using PM2 Web Dashboard

PM2 is a popular daemon process manager for Nodejs with a complete feature set for a production environment, that will help you manage and keep your application online 24/7. A process manager is a “container”