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Webmin – A Web Based System Administration Tool for Linux

Webmin is an open-source web-based system configuration tool for Linux system administration. With the help of this tool, we can manage internal system configuration such as setting up user accounts, disk quotas, services configuration like

How to Install Webmin System Administration Tool on RHEL 8

Webmin is a modern web-based Linux management tool (similar to Cockpit Web Console) that allows you to monitor various system metrics. With Webmin, you can also perform administrative tasks such as manage user accounts, change

How to Install Webmin on Fedora Linux

Keeping an eye on your system’s performance is one of the essential tasks that any Linux user should undertake from time to time. This helps in diagnosing any bottlenecks that are likely to impact performance.

How to Install Webmin on Ubuntu 20.04

Most system administration tasks are usually carried out on the terminal. They involve creating users, running updates and changing configuration files and so much more. It can be rather boring to work perpetually on the