10 Amazing Things You Can Do With WordPress

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WordPress’ potential as a blog platform goes way beyond blogging. With simple understanding of the template tag system and the help of some powerful plugins, you literally can do anything with WordPress.

Here are the 10 amazing things we found that you can accomplish with WordPress:

  1. WordPress as a CMS: You really don’t need other ‘well-known’ CMS to have a CMS. WordPress beats them all, hands down.
  2. How to Use WordPress as a Membership Directory: The title says it all.
  3. WordPress Hacks: Build a Techmeme River of News Clone: Use WordPress to build a Techmeme clone. Great for syndicated news site.
  4. Introducing Prologue: Use WordPress as a twitter clone.
  5. Want to use WordPress as an E-commerce site?: A collection of plugins to turn your WordPress into fully functional E-commerce site.
  6. Using the WordPress Link Manager to Display Your Portfolio: Are you a web designer? Use the built-in link manager feature to showcase your portfolio.
  7. A CSS Gallery WordPress Theme: Want to have your own version of CSS Gallery? This theme can help you do just that.
  8. WP Contact Manager: Turn WordPress into a free, powerful online contact manager for your business. Wicked.
  9. The Right Mailing List Script For WordPress: Use WordPress as a mailing list.
  10. The Best WordPress Magazine Themes:  Don’t you love online magazines? With these themes, you could transform your blog into one too.

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