When we were all amateurs, we started everything from scratch. However as time goes by, things relatively changed and the blogging community began to expand into a global thing and it’s even called as blogosphere or the WordPress community. The option to continue posting at that constant frequency to keep loyal readers and followers to date and to bring the “In” thing is relatively impossible for WPWebHost therefore to achieve that goals, we decided to have multiple authors to do that.

However the biggest argument today that I would like to discuss here is the pros and cons of a multiple author blog and also the pros and cons of a single author blog.

Single Author Blogs:

Expectation from readers

If you read a blog daily, you naturally get the flow of the blogger’s style and his general ideas as you know what you are about to get from the blogger and the topics that are usually covered. You also know the quality of the writings and also the information he/she is trying to convey.

Connecting with your readers

When a blog is written by one author, you generally have that connection factor with the blogger. This feeling is more like an X Factor to all bloggers as readers or followers have this dependable relations with the blogger and the important thing is that a person can relate with the blogger’s writings.

Limited post and articles

The availability of a single author blog is the main factor in this issue as he/she may not be available all the time to arrange the schedule for blogging. Hence, this will create a problem for their readers as the frequency of blogging has been reduced greatly and may upset their readers.

Single point of view

When it comes to the point of views, you will only get one. You will get one typical idea or knowledge from the blogger alone and if the topic that is being discussed or shared by the blogger is a topic that has more than one ending results, readers may face deadlock and in the end they may end up looking for other alternatives to get more point of views.

Unable to publish news

The chances of single author blog to publish news to their readers is almost impossible and they have to find an alternative way to do that to their readers.

Multiple Author Blogs:

More point of views

When you have more authors for the blog, it will generate more information to cover a certain topic. In fact, the topic that is being covered can have a wider range of discussion and every author has their own point of view.
More posts and articlesThe consistency and frequency of new posts or articles will be there as it does not depend on one single author.

Variations in the blog

Every author has their own unique style and therefore when two or more authors cover the same topic, you can clearly see the differences and also the approach on how their different perceptions are being shared on the same table.

Lack of persistent articles

The quality of articles between different authors may be very different so certain readers may have their own preferences towards certain author therefore this may create some bias between the communities.

Hard to reach out to your readers

When there are many authors in the single blog, getting to know the demographics of your readers may be a bit of a challengeas different authors have different styles and building relationship with the readers is perhaps the key element of making your blog popular.


Blogging in either one of these approaches definitely has its own pros and cons. Forget about the probabilities and the chances or the risk that might be imposed, as there’s only two ending result which is whether it will be beneficial to your blog or not. These are some of the points that will affect your decision making whether you want your blog to be a single author blog or multiple author blog.

  • Is your blog a personal blog?
  • Do you have enough time to update your blog?
  • Do you have enough money for revenue sharing?
  • Who will take the credits?

Give us your thoughts and share with us your own suggestions.

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