Partnership with Rocket Themes

RocketTheme LogoToday we got a brand new partner joining in as our premium WordPress theme provider. RocketTheme are among the first and the longest running template company who operates under the subscription model. The RocketTheme founder, Andy Miller who used to work as core developer for Mambo CMS back to 2004.

Soon evolved into a template club based site and was relaunched under the name RocketTheme. During Andy’s time as a Joomla core developer, RocketTheme quickly grew into the number one template club for Joomla. Today, with more than dozens of developers and contributers. RocketTheme has grown to reach the WordPress audiences by providing premium theme designs for WordPress.

Gantry Framework

To reach out to WordPress audiences, they have established the RocketTheme WordPress Theme Club. They provide  over 30 astonishingly different theme design to enable you as WordPress user to stand out from the crowd. They also have this extensive community forums that offer you comprehensive guidance and engage your own ideas into your work.

Most importantly they also offer different ranges of subscription options to satisfy your needs regardless of individuals, organizations or businesses. Their continuous growth in terms of their portfolio of themes will enable you to easily customize your WordPress site into a professional quality site that will give you the cutting edge design compared to your competitors.

So the big question is that what’s the big deal of having a partnership with RocketThemes. Their founder together with their developers and contributers have agreed to give all WPWebHost valued client an exclusive 20% of discount on WordPress themes from RocketTheme when you purchase it through our link and get the exclusive upon code from our sales team at Check out their WordPress themes in their site and it will definitely give you a jaw-dropping experience especially with their integration of Gantry in producing this exceptional quality themes only at RocketTheme WordPress Theme Club.

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