What’s New in WordPress 5.1

Highly brimmed with the advancements of block editing, WordPress 5.0.3 version was released just a few months back. Putting a step further, the latest version of WordPress 5.1 is about to complete its initial 24 hours. It is quite usual to understand that if WordPress has launched a new version then there must be some embellishments from the older one. Keep your eyes peeled on the following to get the knowledge of the progressions.

1. Health Check Plugin

The WordPress users will be able to install the plugin so that debugging can be restricted and the site can be maintained properly. Technically, this tool is geared towards the safety of the website so that accidental breakage cannot happen due to any cause.

2. White Screen of Death Protection

Moreover, the WordPress users can also enjoy the introduction of PHP fatal recovery feature which will protect the WordPress sites from the major issue of the White Screen of Death. With this, users will able to login into the admin page using their credentials for the resolution of the problem as the software will itself detect the fatal errors.

3. Minimum Supported PHP Version

Beyond that, WordPress has also done updates in the minimum supported PHP version. The users will able to do their tasks even at the PHP 5.6 even the PHP 7.0 is the recommended one by the WordPress experts as it can keep the user up to date regarding the security updates. Kindly double confirm with your WordPress hosting provider to ensure that they are providing the required PHP version.

4. Gutenberg Phase 2

The first phase of Gutenberg was just a trailer however the Gutenberg Phase 2 included many exciting widgets that you can get with WordPress 5.1. It comprises movement of third-party widgets even in the nation-widget Along with this, Phase 2 also embodies additional blocks, even the conversion of Navigation menu to blocks.

Beside, they also had announced the proposed release schedule for WordPress 5.1.1 will be held on March 4, 2019 (Release candidate) and March 7, 2019 will be the official release date.

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