Netcraft phishing and cybercrime protection app for iOS available globally

Netcraft has released a new version of its phishing and cybercrime protection app for iOS. The app protects users around the world from online threats including phishing, JavaScript skimmers, fake shops, and coronavirus scams. The Netcraft app is available for download today on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices:

Our iOS app protects against online threats, with new attacks blocked within 15 minutes of being identified as fraudulent by Netcraft. It offers a 28-day free trial of all features, after which a monthly or annual subscription can be purchased for $1.99 or $9.99 (£1.99 or £9.99).

You can use the app without a subscription to report suspicious sites to Netcraft with just a few taps, and automatically report URLs in SMS and iMessages from unknown senders.

Wherever you are, the app defends against phishing attacks targeting regional services such as governments and banks. In addition, it protects users against other types of online threat such as JavaScript skimmers on eCommerce sites, fake shops imitating well-known brands, new threats such as coronavirus scams, and attacks targeting global entities – such as cloud services, financial institutions, and social media.

Constantly updated protection against online threats

Phishing is not confined to the desktop: in an analysis of a month’s worth of log files recovered from phishing sites, Netcraft found that two-thirds of visits came from mobile browsers. Some fraudsters also add mobile-specific user interfaces to their phishing attacks, making them even more effective against phone and tablet users.

Mobile users are also vulnerable to smishing – a practice where fraudsters distribute phishing URLs via SMS and iMessage, and frequently spoof the sender to make the message appear to originate from a legitimate entity.

Despite this, mobile browsers lack comprehensive anti-phishing protection, unlike their desktop counterparts. In an ongoing study, Netcraft has found that iOS and Android browsers block only a fraction of the sites that are blocked by their desktop equivalents, leaving mobile users more exposed.

The app makes use of Netcraft’s industry-leading malicious site feed, which is licensed to the leading web browser vendors, as well as anti-virus, firewall, intrusion detection and content filtering companies. Every day Netcraft processes millions of suspicious URLs to identify phishing attacks. Over 90 million unique phishing sites have been detected and blocked by Netcraft’s community to date.

The Netcraft app blocks hundreds of thousands of malicious sites, all while ensuring user privacy is protected. Threats are blocked in the Safari browser—and in other apps such as WhatsApp, Slack, and Twitter—without revealing to us any information about the sites you’re visiting.

Report suspicious websites and SMS messages

Download the Netcraft app on the App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore now to benefit from Netcraft’s comprehensive mobile phishing protection. Desktop browser protection is also available in the Netcraft extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

The Netcraft mobile apps can also protect your employees or customers against targeted phishing attacks. Netcraft offers several flexible solutions for mobile, such as integrating our core anti-phishing and cybercrime protection into your mobile app to automatically protect your customers.