Xtreme Download Manager (xdman) is a powerful download manager for Linux, which is developed in Java programming language.

It can increase download speeds up to 500% and is an alternative to the Windows IDM (Internet Download Manager). It can be integrated with any internet web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and many more, and supports pause and resume functionalities while downloading files.

Additionally, XDM comes with a built-in video converter to convert downloaded videos to different formats for viewing on various devices, with support for over 100 devices.

XDMAN Features

XDMAN has the following features:

  • It is highly portable and therefore runs on any O.S. with Java SE 6, with no need for installation.
  • It downloads files at the maximum possible speed.
  • It has a sophisticated dynamic file segmentation algorithm, data compression & connection reuse.
  • It can download FLV, MP4, and HTML5 videos from YouTube, MySpaceTV, Google Video, or videos from many other sites.
  • It can capture downloads from any browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, or any other program trying to download a file from the Internet).
  • It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols with authentication, proxy servers, cookies, redirection, etc.
  • It can also resume broken/dead downloads caused by connection problems, power failure, or session expiration.
  • It has a built-in YouTube downloader, HTTP Traffic monitor, and batch downloader.
  • It can also be configured to perform automatic antivirus checking, and system shutdown on download completion.

To use XDMAN, you need to have Java installed on your Linux system. You can check if Java is installed or not by typing java -version in the command line.

java -version openjdk version "11.0.21" 2023-10-17
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 11.0.21+9-post-Ubuntu-0ubuntu122.04)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0.21+9-post-Ubuntu-0ubuntu122.04, mixed mode, sharing)

If in case, Java is not installed, you can install it using your default system package manager yum or apt.

sudo dnf install java-11-openjdk [On RHEL/CentOS/Fedora and Rocky/AlmaLinux]
sudo apt install default-jdk [On Debian, Ubuntu and Mint]

Install Xtreme Download Manager on Linux

To install the most recent stable version of Xtreme Download Manager (XDM) in Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, etc.

First, you need to download a zipped file using the wget utility and install it by running the following commands.

wget https://github.com/subhra74/xdm/releases/download/7.2.11/xdm-setup-7.2.11.tar.xz
tar -xvf xdm-setup-7.2.11.tar.xz
sudo ./install.sh

If the installation is successful, you can start xdm from the Start Menu or by typing xdman in the terminal as a non root user.

Xtreme Download Manager
Xtreme Download Manager

The next step is to set up XDM’s integration with your web browser. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install the browser add-on and seamlessly integrate XDM with your web browser.

Xtreme Download Manager Browser Integration
Xtreme Download Manager Browser Integration

How to Use Xtreme Download Manager

To download a file, go to File -> Add URL and add the url or link into the address input bar.

You can specify the the file name to be stored after the download is finished in the File input bar as shown in the screenshot below.

Download Files Using Xtreme Download Manager
Download Files Using Xtreme Download Manager
Downloading File with XDM
Downloading File with XDM

You can also download YouTube videos by going to File -> Download and entering the URL of the YouTube video and select the video format as shown:

Xdman: Download YouTube Videos
Xdman: Download YouTube Videos

XDMAN is easy to use and with similar functionalities to the Windows IDM, therefore users who are new to it may not find a lot of difficulties while using it. The latest version has a nice and simple interface to adapt to. If you get any errors or issues while installing it, please post a comment.

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